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Shooting Doves is an original music drama penned with the hope of encouraging honest and raw conversations regarding race, racial divisions, and stereotypes; especially within the evangelical church.  


As his community begins to shudder under the impact of gentrification and tragedy, Hugo sinks into  the emotional circumstances of the world around him.  His pastor challenges him to produce new music, something a bit more inspirational, in hopes of uplifting the congregation.  Facing writer’s block in his sanctuary, he opts to visit the new and improved  neighborhood coffee shop where he encounters Mercy.  A jubilant and extraverted fellow musician, Mercy offers to join Hugo in his song writing efforts.  Over time,  their relationship grows romantically and as it flourishes, is met with the reality of challenge from the likes of friends, family and their very own communities.  Hugo and Mercy, determined to not let hard conversations or tension keep them from being together, set out to create space for honest conversations and work towards unification in their community, challenging biases seen and unseen, oft unspoken.  One evening, their own relationship is rocked by a routine traffic stop causing them to come face to face their own internal narratives and beliefs.  Will they choose to wear vulnerability with one another or move apart with hard hearts affirming the very biases that they worked so hard to obliterate? 

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"Racial reconciliation is a two way street and we need people to bring everything to the table, just like the two characters did when they sung together."

 Juror Review


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